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The Constellation of Liberty

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. . .Government of the people, for the people, by the people . . .

thy liberty in law . . .

Confirm thy soul in self control . . .

Government starts with each of us - with me - with you.

And that is a major thrust of the discussion in The Constellation of Liberty.

The constitution is often presented as an intricate, well-oiled machine that more or less automatically ensures good results.

A well-informed, actively involved Citizenry is a crucial part of that machinery.

Any change to make government better has to start among at the grass roots. Change will almost certainly never happen if we wait for it to start in Washington, D.C. Change is much more likely to start from the grassroots up.

The Constellation of Liberty places a great deal of emphasis on this idea. And that is part of what makes it different from other books about the constitution.

Another thing that makes it different from other books is its emphasis on individual responsibility, "rugged individualism", in the truest sense of that idea.

There are things in life that:

Officially, in its letter, the constitution prohibits interference in these areas by government officials in the performance of their duties.

Unofficially, in its spirit, the constitution allows, almost requires, legislation to prevent interference in these areas by private citizens.

Nobody should be expected to tolerate such interference, whatever the source.

The preceding list describes individual responsibilities. These individual responsibilities must be met at the individual level. The power to meet these individual responsibilities must reside at the individual level. The tenth amendment's " . . reserved . . . to the people" language supports this idea.

Observance of this principal is an aspect of "rugged individualism", personal responsibility.

This "rugged individualism", this personal responsibility, cannot be imposed from any central point.

For it to work, the people in general must freely choose to practice it.

To make that choice, first the people have to know it is an option that is open to them.

The Constellation of Liberty makes this point over and over again while showing how it relates to the Constitution.

The more widely that knowledge is shared and the more people who freely choose to observe it, the easier it will be for all of us to breathe free in our liberty.

That is why I wrote The Constellation of Liberty.

And that is why you should read it.

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Me on a March 16, 2011 Talk Show

Hear me talk about The Constellation of Liberty with Ernest Hancock March 16, 2011.

Click here to listen. Start at time index 2:40. Or, click here to see the whole page and visit the Freedom's Phoenix website.

Note: The archived version of this file is in a slightly different format. You have to wait for the entire 45 minute mp3 file to download before it will start. This may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection and computer. Also, the player has no time index. 9/30/2012

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This section is to address in some detail questions or remarks raised elsewhere.

ClimateDebate on

I was contacted by a user with this id on We had a brief and nice exchange. Climate issues are addressed in The Constellation of Liberty under the following headings:

Science and Religion Revisited - the Difference
Precision and Accuracy
Tree Ring Data as a Basis for Historical Temperature Measurement
Two Billion Tons
Every 1/4th Mile
Weather Modeling
Summary of Climate Change "Science"
These headings fall well after the end of the free sample. Sorry! Most people interested in the issue of climate change will be familiar the at least some of this information. What may be new is how this relates to the constitution.

Click Free Climate Debate Sample to read the related text in The Constellation of Liberty.

Rights, Natural Rights, Bill of Rights, Exception(s) to power, etc.

This section grows out of some on-line exchanges between me and CurOfDemocracy on twitter. If you click Currency of Democracy Talk Show and watch time index 1:27 to 2:12, you'll the comments he made about rights that led to our exchanges.

In our exchanges about this segment, he distinguished between rights and the bill of rights. This had never occurred to me.

At any rate, each of the articles in the Bill of Rights is expressed or described as an exception to power(s) of the federal government in The Constellation of Liberty.

The related entries in the table of contents are shown below:

The Bill of Rights
Amendment I
	Amendment I and the Declaration
	Legislative Proscriptions Regarding Religion
	The So-Called Wall of Separation
	Defining the term Religion
	Abridging the Freedom of . . .
Amendment II
	With All Three Commas
	Qualifying or Prefaratory Text
	With Second Comma Only
Amendment III
Amendment IV
Amendment V
	Amendment V and the Declaration
	The Constellation of Liberty and Native Justice
	Amendments I and II and the Constellation of Liberty
	Amendment V, Mayor Ray Nagan and Hurricane Ike
	Amendment V and the Constellation of Liberty Revisited
	Amendment V and Corruption of Blood
	Just Compensation
	Amendment V - Summary
Amendment VI
	Amendment VI and the Declaration
	previously ascertained by law
	speedy and public trial
	Hamlet and speedy and public trial
	speedy and public trial - on the other hand
	Assistance of Counsel for his defence
	informed of the nature and cause of the accusation
	to be confronted with the witnesses against him
	Amendment VI - Summary
Amendment VII
Amendment VIII
Amendment X
	powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution
	nor prohibited by it to the States
	are reserved to the States respectively
	or to the people
	Amendment X - Summary
Amendment IX
Bill of Rights - Summary

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