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. . .Government of the people, for the people, by the people . . .

thy liberty in law . . .

Confirm thy soul in self-control . . .

Government starts with each of us - with me - with you.

What are the things that government can do to facilitate this personal journey - pursuit of happiness? What are things that government must not do in order to avoid interfering with that personal journey - that pursuit of happiness? Answering those two questions is a major thrust of the discussion in Personal Liberty & Constitutional Liberty in 2013.

The Constitution for the United States of America is a product of its own time and place.

The account of Shays' Rebellion provided in Personal Liberty & Constitutional Liberty in 2013 makes this very clear.

The account of Shay's Rebellion provided in the book tells:

1. How various events beginning some 20 years or so before the framing led to Shays' Rebellion, and

2. How Shay's Rebellion is reflected in various parts of the Constitution for the United States of America.

These events alone demonstrate that the Constitution for the USA is a product of its own time and place. Other material in the book adds support to the position stated.

There were a few design considerations I think the framers worked hard to accomplish. One of these design considerations was striking a balance between (on the one hand) a government that is effective and (on the other hand) one that does not give offense to its Citizens.

Whether this balance was intended to serve the framers themselves, the 2,000 or so men who voted on Ratification, the 13 original States, or every living soul within the territorial confines of those 13 States is discussed. I am confident that the interests of those who voted on Ratification were better served than the hunter or the farmer. Nonetheless, to the extent that invasion from without and convulsion within were effectively contained or prevented, the interests of both the hunter and the farmer were served.

The framers wanted to ensure that internal conflicts, including Shays' Rebellion, would not lead to invasion and re-occupation by England. Such re-occupation meant they would once again be ruled by a King claiming Divine Right of Rule. A republic is a government in which the people hold the ultimate power. Their will is expressed through a legislative body of various sorts and enacted by an executive officer in accordance to laws passed by the legislative body.

Apparently, the framers believed that the Creator, Nature, Nature's God, the Supreme Judge of the World, and (the source of) Divine Providence intended for temporal Earthly matters (in the course of human events) to be left in the hands of man.

Benjamin Franklin, when asked, "What have ye wrought?" famously answered, "A republic if you can keep it."

Has that republic been kept? If so, how can it be preserved? If not, what can be done to restore it?

You’ll be better prepared to answer that question after you read Personal Liberty & Constitutional Liberty in 2013.

Get Personal Liberty & Constitutional Liberty in 2013 now to further your understanding and appreciation of the Constitution for the USA.

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